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Every year Oklahoma hailstorms bring the arrival of pop-up HAIL REPAIR tents.

Literally overnight technicians boasting guarantees and wild claims of quick hail repair fixes for no money out of pocket and offer to cover insurance deductibles. But do not fall prey to these risky incentive deals.

At ASAP, we would like to inform you of several profoundly serious safety issues relating to Auto Hail PDR Repair.

Many Oklahomans have no idea of the risks to their vehicle integrity exist.  Before you select any shop or technician to repair your hail damaged vehicle, even shops preferred by your insurance company, educate yourself and your family by reading FACTS ABOUT HAIL REPAIR YOU NEED TO KNOW.



Discover the reasons why you should never allow any shop or technician to drill holes in your vehicle.

If your roof has been damaged by hail, be very, very diligent and contact us before you allow anyone to cut off your roof to repair it or provide a roof replacement.

Today this practice is still a normal practice as companies want to complete a hail repair job quickly, so be very aware.

Most vehicles today have Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS.

These systems are responsible for all critical safety features of your vehicle.  Vehicles today have up to 200 individual sensors throughout a vehicle, located inside all panels, doors, hoods, hatches, roofs and more.>

See the top 5 common mistakes dealing with a hail damage vehicle repairs. 

Why should you avoid using a ‘popup tent’ style Hail Repair solution

Almost after every major hail storm has hit a local community it’s common to see tents with HAIL REPAIR arrive literally overnight, and boast guarantees and wild claims of quick hail repair fixes for no money out of pocket and offers to cover insurance deductibles. Don’t fall for this risky deal.

We highly recommend that you always seek out your local established paintless dent repair shop to handle your claim. When you choose an out-of-state company to handle your vehicle damage repairs it can often come with hidden costs. Namely the voiding of your warranty if the repairs are not done properly. It’s very common for these companies to cut corners leaving you and your vehicle at risk of losing significant resale value.

When you work with a local established company it also keeps the money you spend in your local community. The result is a healthy business environment that will serve you better in the long run as well. Fly-by-night companies often fix hail damaged cars in bulk and then move on to other disaster areas quickly. This means you’ll have almost no recourse if you should wind up with persistent issues with your vehicle.

You often end up with hidden damage that may result from unethical and hasty hail repair methods. Important safety features of your vehicle can also be damaged or disabled if repairs are not done by properly trained and certified technicians. Most times you’ll never learn about these critical errors and problems until years later, when it’s nearly impossible to track down who did the work and what was done improperly.

Is your auto body PDR Technician Certified.  Don’t settle for just anyone at any auto body or Paintless Dent Repair company who says they are experience.  Demand a Vale Certified technician.

Don’t risk it, go local!



Q | The hailstorm broke the glass on my car, can you assist with that as well?

A | Yes we can! We perform complete hail damage repair for the entire vehicle.

Q | My vehicle has some aluminum panels and it was in a hailstorm. Can aluminum be paintless dent repaired?

A | Yes it can. Aluminum repair is more costly, as it responds differently than steel. Another determining factor is the amount of alloying agent used to make a specific alloy. We can determine the best repair method using our training, experience and OEM procedures.

Q | Can the metal / chrome moldings around my windows be repaired?

A | It is typically not cost effective to repair belt moldings or window moldings. We offer free consultations to determine the best repair method for your hail damage.

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Our services come with guaranteed promise of quality, dedication, and durability. We are Licensed, Certified  and have the largest Liability Insurance in the Industry – $5 Million

We can also remove most scratches with our patented Sprayless Scratch Removal Service

Please call or come by to receive a complimentary Evaluation of the level of Hail Damage to your Car, Truck or SUV from our Nationally and Internationally Vale Certified Master Craftsman Technician.

Hail Damage Prevention

According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration of the United States, hail causes more than $1 billion in insurance damage every year. Vehicle owners usually do not take this into consideration when they think about what could possibly damage their cars especially when they are traveling to other areas of the country where they may leave their cars parked out in the open. 

Hail storms are reported in most states and every year there are thousands of hail storms that could literally destroy your car.

ASAP wanted to share with you a few tips on how you can protect your car from hail this year and for years to come.

5 tips to prevent hail damage.

Buy a Hail Protector – It works by creating a giant bubble around vehicles and is said to withstand even the most severe hail storms. You can buy this for about $350-450. Some companies also sell car covers which can serve this purpose.

Park under a canopy. Covered parking saves you a lot of money and undue stress. Make sure that your whole car is under the cover at all times.

Use a blanket – It may not be the prettiest solution (unless your blanket is really cool) but it serves the purpose. Make sure to use duct tape around the edges to keep the blanket down – winds that follow the hail are usually very strong. Do this in advance so that you are not caught out in the storm struggling with duct tape and scissors.

Anticipate hail storms – Most times, the weather forecast will be able to give you warnings of possible hail storms coming. Do not wait until the hail is knocking at your window. If you do not have a safe place to park your car, local malls are a great option. Identify a temporary shelter beforehand where you can park your car if you know a storm is coming. Just make sure that they do not have ridiculous parking rates first.

Use your floor mats – If you can see a hail storm brewing and you were not previously prepared. Don’t be alarmed. Place your floor mats on the hood and roof of your car. The may blow away and will not cover the entire car but it’s better than nothing.

We all know that prevention is better than cure, you should get comprehensive insurance coverage. This will ensure hail damage will be fixed by your insurance provider. Be sure to ask your insurance provider about hail damage.

Lastly, if you find yourself driving in a hail storm, you should try and park your car and wait it out. If this is not possible, it’s best to travel either toward or away from it.

Your windshield is designed to withstand the impact of hailstones but your side mirrors may not. When all else fails, ASAP is your partner in hail repair throughout Oklahoma and the greater Oklahoma City area and we stand ready to help get your vehicle back to driving condition.

Specializing in Paintless Dent Repair ASAP can bring your car back to its original condition and have you back on the road in no time.