Hail Disaster Response

Hail Storms have the potential to completely derail a fleet-based business including auto rental companies, auto dealerships and many more. The ASAP Team can mobilize almost immediately to any Hail Storm Disaster event as our technicians operate with self contained efficiency mobile trailers, that include sleeping and eating capabilities and therefore our technicians can simply travel to the affected location set up and begin service with the ability to remain onsite until your fleet effected has been returned to normal.

ASAP has a wealth of experience working with insurance providers and adjusters to process claims and is ready to act quickly on hail damaged inventory for dealers, auctions, rental agencies and more. 

ASAP stands above the competition in the hail catastrophe response industry by providing our customers with:

 Immediate response time for a fast repair cycle,
 Self Contained Technician Mobile Trailers for self sufficiency while onsite,
 Experienced technician trained in estimating and customer service,
 Consistent quality and strict repair guidelines,
 100% satisfaction guarantee,
 And $5M liability insurance.